09. December 2019
年末年始は日本にいます。 地下アイドルのクリスマス・ライブとか、楽しんでいます。 19日(木)にクリスマス・ジョイント・コンサートにも出ます。オリジナルのクリスマス曲含め4曲ピアノ弾きます。お時間あればぜひ! チケットご予約はOnline Shopのページから^_^
Announce  · 17. October 2019
My tune "Please Stay" has been added to an awesome playlist of Apple Music. Thank you!
Announce  · 29. September 2019
My new album "Elegy In Violet" was released on September 20. From this album, "Please Stay" has been added to Apple Music's official playlist Piano Chill. I am so honored, thank you! https://music.apple.com/gb/playlist/piano-chill/pl.cb4d1c09a2df4230a78d0395fe1f8fde I wrote this love song originally for Miku Hatsune, Japanese vocaloid vocal software. Please check it out. The album is also available on Spotify, Amazon music and online CD shops. Please stay and follow! Listen to the title tune...
日本語 · 03. September 2019
新宿ツバキハウス→ジュリアナ東京→ギルガメッシュないと→恋愛科学研究所 ……サブカルにことごとく関わったピアノ弾きが、ついに観念!? アメリカ正統派の老舗クラシック・レーベルからアルバム世界リリース
Announce  · 03. September 2019
Mikiko's new album Elegy In Violet is now available on some sites like below, ahead of its release date September 20th. Album's title track "Elegy In Violet" is here . https://soundcloud.com/mintpiano22/14-elegy-in-violet/s-X0JrF Also, a variety of demo performances is available on YouTube. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaIMzqMUn-9izMi7P-0MbscH-ySY0cvz6 Her impression of "Violet" somehow comes from a lonesome sunset color of the sky such as this picture above. It was...
Music  · 31. August 2019
Aug. 27 was the 12th anniversary since my dog passed away. So I performed and shot this tune which I wrote on his 6th anniversary. This dog loved my piano and he gave me all the inspirations and courage to pursue music. He passed away the right next day of my concert in Tokyo. Everyone said "Oh, it's because your concert was over". Please meet him on the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUPjmiOWZjE This tune is included in my first album "Elegy In Violet" coming out on September 20th. But...
Announce  · 30. June 2019
My new album "Elegy In Violet" is finally coming out on September 20th! Can't wait!! Here is a sample track for you, "Please Stay". Originally it was sung by a Japanese vocaloid (singing software) Miku Hatsune. Yes it has a Japanese lyrics. If you listen carefully, maybe you could hear her singing "Ikanaide ♪"( "Don't go") in the chorus hahaha!
Music  · 17. June 2019
They are just great as interiors, even if I don't read them. Reading at a cafe in front of Amazon Book Store. "i was music but you had your ears cut off." Maybe good for catching inspirations for my lyrics. A teenage girl next to me was also reading, while the twenty-something boys on our back were arguing about investment out loud...
Living  · 17. June 2019
Dinner is over. Now you've started to regret "Why didn't I buy that cheesecake? It was on sale! I am dying for something sweet!!" But it's too late. You have showered and are now wearing your favorite pajamas... No worries! Here is a quick dessert recipe, which you can make as it only needs something that you always have in your kitchen. Just stir the ingredients with a tablespoon and put it into the toaster oven. Then it will be done while you're doing dishes or making coffee/tea. You have...
Living  · 14. June 2019
However cool someone's outfit looks, he or she is not always a cool person. Same is the food. Often a classy muffin has higher calories than a greasy-looking donut. So, home cooking is always a safer option than take-out foods. Here is a one-minute recipe for your (lonely) weekend party at home. (Serving 1!) 1. Put a package (or 1/3-1/2 teaspoon) of Wasabi paste and 1/2 cube of crushed onion soup in 2 OZ sour cream. 2. Stir them very well and serve! This dish works well with any stick/cut...

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