Announce  · 27. August 2021
I finally finished recording/mixing /mastering. Half of the tunes are solo piano, others are piano featured something. It even includes computer rythmes ans bass, wow! Most of them were made in 2020. Some are newer, some are older. This photo is a selfie from the cover photo shooting.
Announce  · 05. March 2020
My tune "A Day of Wine and Grape" has been added to these playlists. Ideal for your concentration. Fabulous for your task and meditation ! "Brain Fuel" Classical music for studying Apple Music: Spotify: "Classical Music for Reading" Apple Music:...
Announce  · 17. October 2019
My tune "Please Stay" has been added to an awesome playlist of Apple Music. Thank you!
Announce  · 29. September 2019
My new album "Elegy In Violet" was released on September 20. From this album, "Please Stay" has been added to Apple Music's official playlist Piano Chill. I am so honored, thank you! I wrote this love song originally for Miku Hatsune, Japanese vocaloid vocal software. Please check it out. The album is also available on Spotify, Amazon music and online CD shops. Please stay and follow! Listen to the title tune...
Announce  · 03. September 2019
Mikiko's new album Elegy In Violet is now available on some sites like below, ahead of its release date September 20th. Album's title track "Elegy In Violet" is here . Also, a variety of demo performances is available on YouTube. Check it out! Her impression of "Violet" somehow comes from a lonesome sunset color of the sky such as this picture above. It was...
Announce  · 30. June 2019
My new album "Elegy In Violet" is finally coming out on September 20th! Can't wait!! Here is a sample track for you, "Please Stay". Originally it was sung by a Japanese vocaloid (singing software) Miku Hatsune. Yes it has a Japanese lyrics. If you listen carefully, maybe you could hear her singing "Ikanaide ♪"( "Don't go") in the chorus hahaha!
Announce  · 19. April 2019
I am returning to New York City soon! So I am writing about the difference between Tokyo and NYC. First, people are walking up and down when using escalator at train stations in NYC. But not in Tokyo. Aside from few people choosing the right side of the elevator, which is the opposite to NYC custom, most people are just standing still on the other side. They seem to be so exhausted from tough work haha. Second, there are so many veagan food anywhere out there. I can't wait for digging in them....
Announce  · 07. March 2019
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