Mikiko Miyakawa is a Japanese composer and pianist based in New York City.  After releasing an album with a new wave band S-Ken in Japan, she returned to classical music incorporating other styles such as pop, folk, and game music. 

Piano solo album "Elegy In Violet" Centaur Records 2019


↑ MIkiko's music for the ending of a documentary TV program on Al Jazeera English

Music Videos 

Promotion Video, mix tape

Healing Piano Music  "Un Cocon" , meaning cocoon in French. From her album "Elegy In Violet"

Mikiko's group "Powdered Sugar" performed at PIANOS, New York City

Mikiko's recent Concerts  in Japan

April 7 ,  2019


Fresh Gala Concert at Bunkyo Civic Hall, Tokyo.


 December 19th, 2019 

Christmas Concert at Ongaku No Tomo Hall (in Kagurazaka, Tokyo)



Mikiko's group Powdered Sugar, performing in New York City.

Mikiko plays Koto, Japanese traditional harp, at Fresh Gala Concert at Bunkyo Civic Hall

At Bowery Electric, New York City.

Solo Album recording