Japanese language is so difficult!

It's been almost one year since I came back to Japan. Still, l feel it's easier to write in English somehow haha.

I have written some Japanese posts for this blog, as I thought I got used to Japanese, after l had written some Japanese articles elsewhere.

But, l understood that's not true at all when I tried to write posts in both Japanese and English.

At first, l wrote them in Japanese. Then I put the translations in between the paragraphs. That's when I realized I had been creating the idea in English.

As a result, translations were really quickly done. And the word orders in my Japanese seemed kind of strange , because of the opposite regulation of the two languages.

In Japanese, we say the most important thing at last. For example, you say "I don't love you." NOT, the dinial, comes first in English. But we say like "l love you not."

So, cluel announcement finally comes at last hahaha!

Sadly, these facts don't nessesarily mean l am an English expert. Language is just a habit, as well as other daily physical actions.

I just got used to the English word order, after being in US for five years. Overall, I think I forgot English, after one year in Japan! 

Someone, help me!!

Japanese Kawaii fashion!
Japanese Kawaii fashion!

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