A bear promotes my classical album

My coming album's cover photo is going to be a pop one. It is to be released from a classical label though.. 

Of course, it's not this photo above. The cover photo will be a one taken in the same studio on the same day. But without a bear.

Still, l have some other versions with the bear, which  l am planning to use for promotions. For, they have huge impact as a classical album, aren't they?

In Japan, when it comes to a bear, everyone thinks they are for children or nerds. But, it's not always like that overseas.

For example, you can see a scene in which a sealed bear (costume) is riding on a train in a PV of Matchbox Twenty's "Unwell". Even a famous major band does this apparently so.
例えば、Matchbox Twenty の Unwellなんか、クマ(の着ぐるみ)が電車に乗ってるシーンがPVにあります。メジャーなバンドでも堂々とこうですから。

Yada , yada..... l know l am justifying myself.……. To tell the truth, Unwell was meant  to be "mentally disordered a little bit" in their song.  They sing " l am not crazy, l am just a little unwell". OMG!

Well, l am just " a little unwell", hahaha!