After building her career as a keyboardist, concert producer and a classical pianist in Japan, Mikiko's 1st solo piano album in the U.S. "Elegy In Violet" was released from Centaur Records in 2019. It hit over 670.000 all-time plays on music streaming services all over the world. She also showcase performances sometimes with her group "Powdered Sugar" in New York City.

In Japan, Mikiko was  arranger and keyboardist to a new wave band S-KEN (Japanese Wikipedia). As a member of this band, she recorded an album "Gang Busters" for a major record company  King Records,  known for its top artists such as world-famous  AKB48.  


The producer of this album Haruomi Hosono is a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, which has world-wide hits. 

Wikipedia-Haruomi Hosono 

Wikipedia-Yellow Magic Orchestra

Mikiko's photo/credits (as her maiden name Mikiko Kodama) with well-known top artists including  Haruomi Hosono, Mute Beat(Hiroaki Hoshi & Kazufumi Kodama),  and Kazutoki Umezu on the brochure of her group's album "Gang Busters"


In addition, Mikiko was a concert producer to artists visiting Japan from U. S., such as Rita CoolidgeThe Lettermen and The Mamas & Papas , as well as to Japanese top artists including Eiko Shuri.

Eiko Shuri with producer Don Costa, when recorded an album with him and Tower Of Power in LA

↑photo from Rita Coolidge, with her hearty message to Mikiko.



Mikiko with  her composition teacher Hummie Mann, a two-time Emmy Award winner/film composer, in his studio in Seattle. With his Emmy trophy.

Since 2010, Mikiko belongs to a classical music agency Oikawa Music Office in Tokyo as a composer/pianist.


Mikiko performs at famous venues such as Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall and Bunkyo Civic Hall, whose performers are the celebrities from Japan and overseas


Japanese Wikipedia-Tokyo Operacity Recital Hall

Japanese Wikipedia-Bunkyo Civic Hall

Tokyo Opera CIty Concert/Recital Hall


 Photo with her audience at Bunkyo Civic Hall after her joint concert 


Mikiko is also an author and novelist
In U.S., Mikiko is the winner of a literary contest The Asylum 2016.  Her fantasy short stories were featured on literary websites and blogs such as Rebelle Society, with 250.000 followers.
"Lonely Holiday Insurance" ~A romantic comedy


In Japan, Mikiko was a newsletter/website writer for best-selling author Naruhito Fujita's project Ren-ai Kagaku Kenkyujo, a LOVE/DATING/WELLNESS consulting laboratory .
Photo: With her ex-colleague writer Kayo Aramaki (left), who is the present Chief and media commentator to major TV/radio/magazines in Japan. (4/29/2019)