After building her career as a keyboardist in Japan, Mikiko's 1st classical piano album in the U.S. "Elegy In Violet" was released from Centaur Records in 2019. 

Mikiko is a regular member of The Japan Federation of Composers Inc., which is an associate member of ISCM.

In Japan, Mikiko was  arranger and keyboardist to a new wave band S-KEN (Japanese Wikipedia). As a member of this band, she recorded an album "Gang Busters" for a major record company  King Records,  known for its top artists such as world-famous  AKB48.  


The producer of this album Haruomi Hosono is a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, which has world-wide hits. 

Wikipedia-Haruomi Hosono 

Wikipedia-Yellow Magic Orchestra

Mikiko's photo/credits (as her maiden name Mikiko Kodama) with well-known top artists including  Haruomi Hosono, Mute Beat(Hiroaki Hoshi & Kazufumi Kodama),  and Kazutoki Umezu on the brochure of her group's album "Gang Busters"


In addition, Mikiko was a concert producer to artists visiting Japan from the U.S., such as Rita CoolidgeThe Lettermen and The Mamas & Papas , as well as to Japanese top artists including Eiko Shuri.

Eiko Shuri with producer Don Costa, when recorded an album with him and Tower Of Power in LA

↑photo from Rita Coolidge, with her hearty message to Mikiko.



Mikiko with  her composition teacher Hummie Mann, a two-time Emmy Award winner/film composer, in his studio in Seattle. With his Emmy trophy.

Since 2010, Mikiko belongs to a classical music agency Oikawa Music Office in Tokyo as a composer/pianist.


Mikiko performs piano at famous venues such as Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall and Bunkyo Civic Hall, whose performers are the celebrities from Japan and overseas


Japanese Wikipedia-Tokyo Operacity Recital Hall

Japanese Wikipedia-Bunkyo Civic Hall

Tokyo Opera CIty Concert/Recital Hall


 Photo with her audience at Bunkyo Civic Hall after her joint concert 


Mikiko is also an author and novelist
In U.S., Mikiko is the winner of a literary contest The Asylum 2016.  Her fantasy short stories were featured on literary websites and blogs such as Rebelle Society, with 250.000 followers.
"Lonely Holiday Insurance" ~A romantic comedy


In Japan, Mikiko was a newsletter/website writer for best-selling author Naruhito Fujita's project Ren-ai Kagaku Kenkyujo, a LOVE/DATING/WELLNESS consulting laboratory .
Photo: With her ex-colleague writer Kayo Aramaki (left), who is the present Chief and media commentator to major TV/radio/magazines in Japan. (4/29/2019)